Clear Your Path With Tommy Rosen And Recovery 2.0!

Clear Your Path With Tommy Rosen And Recovery 2.0!

By Megan Warren-Henderson

Tommy Rosen has walked the path of recovery from addiction for 25 years. Now, he wants to help you remove the obstacles of addiction on your own path. Tommy, and his tribe of master teachers, are offering the FREE online Recovery 2.0 Conference, September 14-18 and that is just the beginning. After the conference, you will also be invited to join Tommy for a week of online coaching to experience firsthand what Tommy calls "the keys to sustainable recovery and lasting peace."

Maybe you don’t consider yourself an addict. Maybe you think addiction happens to other people. Perhaps, though, you are tired of the vicious cycle of waking up feeling like shit because you drank one too many the night before and though you swear off alcohol in the morning, by 5pm, you are ready for a drink. Perhaps you identify yourself as an addict and you can’t imagine that your thinking will change.  Maybe it is a loved one that you would like to be able to offer the tools and personal practice to help. Or, you are a therapist in the field and would like to gather more insight and knowledge. Recovery 2.0 can and will help anyone who is seeking good information and a personal transformation.

Tommy’s program, Recovery 2.0 is revolutionary in its authenticity.  Tommy has accessed, from his personal journey of being a recovering addict for 25 years, the necessary components for success.  He has walked in the shoes of an addict, and now he walks free from addiction. He holds space for the idea that you can reach the pinnacle of freedom from addiction. You will not only survive, you will thrive.

For the conference part of Recovery 2.0, you will have 5 days with 5 hour-long presentations each day from various Yoga teachers, nutritionists, doctors, as well as a diverse variety of specialists in the field of addiction and recovery.  These master teachers provide understanding, expertise, and inspiration for you to continue walking solidly and clearly on your path of recovery and freedom.

Two years ago, Hay House published Tommy's first book, Recovery 2.0:  Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life.  The book helps to define and catalyze the great movement to shift the way people think about recovery. Tommy is every man. When you read his story, his descent into addiction, most people can relate. You can see that no one is immune. Addiction does not discriminate. It crosses all backgrounds, socio-economic positions, class, race. No one is immune to it’s force. However, with help, everyone can recover, release the grip of addiction and soar beyond it.

The three most important elements for recovery are a teacher, community and a structured process. Tommy thoroughly provides all of these in his 8-week group coaching program, which will be announced to the public on September 21st.  This is Tommy’s 4th such program which allows him work with people in a more in depth way.

“The positive effects of this program are going to last the rest of somebody’s life. The question to myself was how I can get more people to taste what this thing is so that they understand it.  I feel that if they taste it, if they feel it, they are going to want to do the whole program. And so it makes sense to offer everyone a free week of coaching so they can see for themselves,”  said Tommy when I spoke to him last week.

Tommy’s program goes beyond the 12 steps, but I asked him if the 12 steps were still relevant in today’s world. He said Yes. Absolutely. In addition to yoga, meditation and nutrition, the 12 steps offer a foundation of recovery. They build a spiritual experience.  However, they are not for everybody and they are certainly not the only path to recovery.

The whole point of Recovery 2.0 is to present a holistic approach to overcoming addiction. Tommy stresses the addition of yoga as a protocol for a person in recovery from addiction.

“Addiction is coming from your past. The past has left a mark on your body. Your body has recorded trauma, negative experiences, your challenges, your abandonment, your isolation, your body records all of it. So when you are getting sober, you can talk about stuff, you get it out to a certain extent, you can heal, you can create new neural pathways, that is all true, but the past is still stuck in your body, in your tissues, in your cells, in your joints, in your fascia.  You must get the issues out of your tissues and the way that that happens is through the practice of vinyasa, pranayama (breathing exercises), and kundalini yoga. All of that helps to move the energy through and then you have to maintain it.  We live in a toxic culture and we require practices that regularly detox the body, mind and spirit.  That’s where the yoga and meditation comes in.”

All of these logistics sound like a recipe for success but most important is the truth that Tommy exudes through his spacious presence and patience. When we spoke, I was all over the place as a new interviewer and his calmness (despite him being in an airport on his way from one speaking engagement to another) made me feel instead that I was chatting with an old friend. One who let me be me, in all of my messy humanness, and it felt damn good. I’ll see you at the conference!

Click here to sign up for the Recovery 2.0 Conference beginning on September 14th.

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