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Kundalini Yoga, Shuniya And Being The Change

By Charlotte von Hemert

For me, I felt like the workshop offered a microcosm of possibility. First, we refilled our well and came back to our deepest sense of Self. Then we shared this meditative expansive experience with the people around us. Finally, we recognized ourselves as a community—yoga teachers, practitioners and healers who want to show up for our selves, each other, and the planet...

Simrit Live At Grace Cathedral

By Nikita Mehta

Simrit’s entrance to the stage raised the vibrations of the collective audience. Her small frame, draped in a black and white floor length patterned gown, was gilded by her quintessential large white and gold head piece, a homage to her Greek roots....

What's A Sat Nam Fest, And Why Do I Go?

By Gregg Jackson

What I most liked about it was the overall energy and feeling of the place and people. From the moment I drove up, until the moment I drove off, I felt like the place and event was being held in a space of love, joy, abundance and healing. And that’s what I felt throughout the event...