The Dark Side Of The Moon: The Solar Eclipse In Oregon!

The Dark Side Of The Moon: The Solar Eclipse In Oregon!

By Autumn Feldmeier

Imagine a festival that is the love child born of 11 collaborators from 8 countries including South Africa (Origin Festival), Japan (ReBirth) and Australia (Rainbow Serpent). Imagine all of the values of each of these gatherings working together to create zones like the Wheel of Fortune, the Jive Joint, the Heartsong Sanctuary and the Luxurious Silk Road. Imagine all of this merging for a bold endeavor that has been billions of years in the making for a unique global collaboration-all on a private ranch in Oregon with a 52 acre lake- The Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Imagine this space being blessed and prepared by people participating in Elemental Alchemy (5 day immersions on perma-culture, visual art and yoga intensives). Imagine a First Nation's Village whereupon a fire from Standing Rock has been burning for 30 days in preparation. Now imagine all of this leading up to a FULL solar eclipse, a rare and astonishing moment in space and time. The likes of which will not happen across our country for 99 years.

It was within this space that I found my transformation.

"I'm here to mend the hoop-not because I'm the hoop mender. I'm here to mend the hoop because I'm one of the breaks that needs mending."  Chase Iron Eyes

This is the most memorable quote from the festival, it was from the talk I attended with Chase Iron Eyes. He is an activist and potential congressman who grew up on Standing Rock. These words turned out to be prophetic. Usually, I spend festivals covered in glitter and playing with my hula hoop (ironically). It's a light way to experience the flow.

My festival began with an illness and an inability to dance (let alone hoop) for all of my favorite acts. I missed Bassnectar's amazing set, Zoe Jake dancing with Beat's Antique and I even slept through my favorite Desert Dwellers who I heard were EPIC.

What I did get to experience were amazing talks by Paul Stamets on 'Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness.' I learned about sacred healing, I learned how to be an erotic superstar and I went to my first cacao ceremony. I did a deep exhale yoga class to the tunes of Marques Wyatt and experienced the 'Sex, Drugs and Yoga' class with Gypsy Bast. I caught an amazing set of Rebirth Brass Band and an amazing performance by the Vau De Vivre Society.

By the time the Monday morning Full Solar Eclipse arrived, I was well rested, clear eyed and inspired. It was the perfect opportunity to observe this once in a lifetime experience among the elders of the First Nations camp and hear speeches from indigenous people from Peru, Australia, Guatemala, Mexico, Japan and others.

Drums beating, feathered men dancing, chants reverberating - all while we sat in awe as the air grew chilly, the sun disappeared and we were given a glimpse of the dark side of the moon.

People were silent minus gasps of awe and sounds of people crying. It was like being pulled through a vortex. The moon was dark in a light sky and everything around looked like the most gorgeous red and orange sunset you've ever seen. I found myself weeping at the glory and the opportunity to see this miracle.

The miracle of being able to witness one minute and 43 seconds of a full solar eclipse in one of the few places to watch the entire thing with a complete view of totality. It felt like a complete disillusion of the ego, like pure acceptance and love. And, my small self, my ego that judged the heavy party atmosphere, finally saw it as it was. Different souls on their own paths who hopefully do as little harm as possible on their way to enlightenment.

You can learn more about the Oregon Eclipse here.

Read our interview with Eclipse Chaser, David Balch here.

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