An All Natural Facial Mud Mask Recipe

An All Natural Facial Mud Mask Recipe

By Kelly Krishna Dunn

When I require some pampering, or simply need to get beautiful and enjoy a night out on the town with my man, I love to have fun doing at-home spa treatments. The wonderful thing about a great Do It Yourself (DIY) body scrub or facial, is that it is inexpensive and many times the products or ingredients you already have at home. DIY spa products also make fantastic gift ideas for your girlfriends! From head to toe, this relaxing idea for a simple DIY spa night will have you feeling tranquil!

All I have to say is chocolate! Give your face a rejuvenating and delicious pampering session with this DIY spa facial recipe from Intuitive Magazine. This divine facial mask isn’t made of mud, but it works!

● 4 Tablespoons of yogurt
● 2 tsp. Cocoa powder
● 1 tsp. Coconut milk
● 1/2 of a banana
● 1 tsp. honey
● 1 tsp. lemon juice

Banana functions as a face mask by itself! Applying mashed banana to the face leaves it feeling smooth and moisturized.

Coconut Milk contains lactic acid, like yogurt. It can be used to smooth, brighten, soften, and exfoliate the skin.

Lemon Juice consists of Vitamin C and Vitamin B. The citric in lemon juice exfoliates the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and looking radiant.

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It regenerates the skin, leaving it smooth like silk and glowing!

Honey is great for dry skin and favorable for all skin types because it helps the skin preserve both adaptability and moisture.

Greek Yogurt exfoliates and softens the skin. It helps clear out pores and liberates dead skin cells.


If you have dry skin, reduce lemon juice and instead add some more honey. If you have oily skin, add a little more lemon juice. Mix well in a blender. You will want for it to appear thick enough so it doesn’t run down your face. First try the mud mask on a small portion of the skin to see what type of reaction or to test for allergic reactions. The face is sensitive, so be cautious. If allergy-free, add a layer of the mask to your face and allow for it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash your face with cool water, followed by a splash of cold water to close your pores and enjoy shining, glowing and radiant skin!

I found all of the ingredients are so good for your skin, why not add them all into a smoothie as well. You can even eat the mud mask leftovers! It tastes similar to a bananna chocolate smoothie :)

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