Courtney Alex Intuitive To Be Teaching At Envision Festival This Year!

Courtney Alex Intuitive To Be Teaching At Envision Festival This Year!

We were absolutely thrilled to hear that one of SF Yoga's writers Courtney Alex is going to be teaching at Envision Festival this year. Envision Festival is a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, this festival provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.

Courtney's workshops will be focused on Intuition and Being Your Own Psychic.  We were able to sit down with her and find out a little bit more about Intuition and what to look forward to with her workshops at the festival. 

We were so excited to hear you are gong to be at Envision Festival this year! Can you tell us a little bit about what you will be teaching?

Absolutely! My aim with these workshops is to lead the group through doing an intuitive reading, ‘seeing’ details they may not have thought possible, within the space of the workshop. Of course, we won’t become professionals in just under an hour, but the point is to provide proof to each and every one of us about how intuitive we really are. It’s one thing to talk about intuition, but since it’s an inner experience, it’s all about feeling it!! So I’ll have 3:

* BE YOUR OWN PSYCHIC: Demystifying the sixth sense. An exploration of what it means to be psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant, and everything in between, for the purpose of understanding how we all uniquely sense subtle energy. Opening up to our psychic skills is not about having the power to ‘read’ others, it’s about deepening connection to inner guidance based on the understanding of subtle energetic cues, thereby deepening faith and trust in ourselves.

* ENERGETIC TOOLS FOR SENSITIVES: As a sensitive person in a not so sensitive world, many of us fall into the habit of feeling the need to protect ourselves. But we can accomplish a lot more by honoring our sensitivities, understanding when we’re sensing energy from others, so we can make a conscious choice about how to engage with it. It’s deeply empowering!

* CLEARING THE LENS IN ORDER TO SEE: The word ‘clairvoyance’ means clear seeing. However, we often interpret what we sense through the lens of our own experience, or through learned beliefs and fears, which isn’t always helpful. In this workshop, we’ll learn to explore the details of what we perceive, which often means the difference between intuiting information vs reacting to it.

What is your definition of intuition?

Technically the dictionary definition of the word comes from the latin Intueri, which refers to perceiving without reason, basically a hunch. And having a hunch, like experiencing intuition, is really quite common. I believe it’s akin to instinct. Just like a dog underneath a dining table knows who’s most likely to sneak it food, we have hunches about the subtle nuances of life all the time - be it about other people, an exciting job opportunity. We all have foresight, and know quite a lot about what is going on around us on a subtle level. That being said, many of us don’t use our intuition to it’s full potential because we haven’t spent much time on it - learning to tap into it deeply can be quite powerful!! 

I love that you have a strong desire to help others truly understand their intuitive nature. What has led you to this passion of teaching others?

Thanks, I love it too! Well, it just so happened to be a big theme in my life. We teach what we’re here to learn, right? I grew up ‘sensitive’ - that is, I have always perceived the energy around me very strongly, and it was often to my detriment because I didn’t know what to do with the information or how to manage walking about the world like this. For years I worked hard to shove my down ‘knowings’, or if I did use the information I perceived, I felt the need to explain away my reasoning. I’d also pretend (often to myself) I didn’t have strong intuition, and this landed me in more than a few un-ideal situations. Needless to say, it got tired after awhile. And really, because of my shame, I was denying a special gift.

When I began doing intuitive readings for people, I noticed many of them were also suffering as a result of not opening to a relationship with intuition. Seeing them deny themselves the help, like I had, really broke my heart. And most of my readings ended with my teaching intuitive tools instead. It became pretty clear that I had to spread the word, so I began writing a book and holding workshops.

We all have intuition, sometimes we are just not sure how to tap into it, can you share 3 tools that you use to strengthen your intuition?

Yes! The MAJOR one is simply noticing when you have an intuition that turns out to be correct. Because we have invalidated this type of knowing for so long, it’s important to give it voice, to reinforce to yourself that you are, in fact, highly intuitive. Next, appreciate it. If you do believe in guides and angels and a higher universal order, or even if you’re simply thanking yourself for trying out a new way of doing things, it’s important to pay reverence to it. It’s like thanking a friend for helping you - everyone loves to be acknowledged. Finally, ask for more. This is a cue to the universe (and to ourselves) that you are open to experiencing more intuition. This works whether you believe that your intuition comes from within or without. So….

1. Validate it.

2. Thank it.

3. Ask for more of it!

Is there anything about intuition you would like to share with our readers?

Yes. It’s a ridiculously fun way to walk about the world. Imagine not having to work so hard to have all the answers! Also, know that we are all intuitive in our own ways. Where one intuitive might see energy with their eyes open, another might hear lyrics to songs that are relevant, or read through automatic writing. We’re all unique people, so we all have different ways of connecting to guidance too.

Where can we find you at Envision Festival?

I’ll be offering one workshop in the women’s tent for the Village Witches series (which I am INSANELY excited about) and in the Earth Temple. Check out Envision’s website for scheduling updates! 

To learn more about Courtney Alex Intuitive, visit or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  

To learn more about Envision Festival and get your tickets, check out


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