New Moon Sagittarius

New Moon Sagittarius

By Dana Damara

The New Moon happens at 15 degrees Sagittarius, at 11:21pm PST - it’s the last New Moon of the year!

I am so excited about this New Moon and you should be too.  It’s been a tumultuous year – eclipse after eclipse, retrograde after retrograde.  I keep thinking back to July 12, 2018 when I got in the truck and moved to Encinitas from the Bay Area. It was a big decision – I felt like I wanted to get ahead of what was to come.  As if I knew what was to come and I could control it!   Sometimes I crack myself up.   

But it HAS been a bit squirrely.  Quite often I hear, “I thought 2018 was going to be so different!” Or “This last year was crazy! Nothing went according to my plan!”  And “Oh my God, I can’t wait for 2019!”

I had that feeling too when my year opened up in Costa Rica ON the Full Moon, watching the Moon set and the sun rise.  Zip-lining through the rainforest on New Years day – I thought I was off to a great start!   And then I cried through a relationship break up, healed after an immense breakdown of my body, and moved beyond some deep, emotional breakthroughs.  Thank you Uranus retrograde in my Moon sign. Thank you.

I figured after all that, I may as well move to Southern California, all before my 50th birthday. I mean, why not?  My Capricorn rising wants a plan you see. My the fire of my Leo is quite an intuitive life driver. Yes, it’s been a year.  The one thing that does keep me rooted in the shifting though, is the knowledge that nothing stays the same AND I have no control.  HOWEVER, when I look up in the sky, things make sense. 

So here we are at the end of this year – don’t get too excited and don’t expect much.  Just drop into the energy and know that we can only go up from here.  This New Moon is in Sagittarius – adventure, joy, expansion, bliss …. All galloping in the direction of the heart.  

It’s a time to wake up, to step into a new level of understanding this world and your role in it.  It’s time to put your knowledge into practice, and to trust your inherent wisdom.

Jupiter is sitting in Sagittarius, in fact, he’s sitting within a few degrees of this New Moon – just about conjunct.  Jupiter rules Sag, and feels so at home here.  This transit is an invitation to explore, to liberate, and to gallop toward your heart’s desire.  This last year has been a clearing, a cleansing of sorts, so you could see what’s real.  So you could hear what’s in your heart.  This energy is asking you to trust in the Divine, listen to your intuition, and stay open to unimaginable possibilities.  

Jupiter naturally expands all it comes into contact with.  It’s THE planet of expansion, abundance, growth, evolution, and courage.  It’s basically asking you to leap into your divine gifts, your life mission, and your spiritual pursuits – your dharma.  Jupiter in Sag is a powerful force to be reckoned with because there’s no limits or boundaries with this energy. No matter what other people do or say, this energy will have its way because it’s fueled by faith

Mercury Stations direct before the New Moon 
Chiron Stations direct just after the New Moon 

These are the last two planets (besides Uranus), still left in retrograde. We’ve had one helluva year of upheaval and now things are starting to move forward again, literally.  Mercury stations direct in Scorpio at 27 degrees, which gives you the courage and clarity to address some old fears, verbalize them and alchemize them. Chiron is sitting just 120 degrees away from Mercury, in Pisces also at 27 degrees, supporting deep healing.  The time has come, the debris has been cleared, time to get to work on your mission.

Mars/Neptune conjunct at 13 degrees Squaring the New Moon 

Thirteen is the number for the Divine Feminine. She is everywhere these days.  This aspect strengthens spirituality, compassion and unconditional love.  Go out and enjoy nature – listen to the trees, pay attention to where you’re thriving and where you’re not.  All this energy combined sets the stage for 2019 and the next New Moon, also at 15 degrees, coupled with a partial solar eclipse.  Pay attention though.

New Moon square Mars creates some tension and potential struggle. This aspect stirs up competition and/or power struggles in relationships. The residual energy from last cycles Full Moon Gemini still sits in our bones – it was also square Mars. If you’re feeling angsty, use that energy for something creative – like that one thing you kept putting off … you know the thing. 

Sensitive beings may feel the New Moon square Neptune’s strength.  You must now listen intently; notice illusion, and stay grounded.  Move away from negativity politely … that means in everything you consume, including but not limited to:  food, alcohol, distractions, media, and people.  There is no room right now for you to waste on people who take advantage, drain your energy, or unconsciously bring you down. Pay attention to over-consumption if you are under-fulfilled, and over-inflated social media telling you that you are not enough. Step away from any dark, draining, co-dependent energy.  Stay grounded in your humanity while remembering your Divine connection. You have and are, everything you are meant to be. And … notice where you’re giving it away … no more.

Cycle of Full Moons at 0 degrees 
Consecutive New Moons at 15 

This is a very auspicious time.  The next 4 Full Moons are at zero degrees, and this Moon and the next, are both at 15.  This means there are many cycles moving toward completion.  Things are being cleansed, cleared and realigned. Connection and patience is the key. You are moving into a new phase and paradigm of you life.  It’s a time to expand, to awaken and express yourself like never before. 

Mercury/Scorpio trine to Chiron/Pisces at 27 degrees

This aspect heals incredible layers of old wounding.  Both of these signs, since just moving direct, are illuminating unconditional love and deep, profound wisdom.  Your communication with others as well as with the Divine, deepens. It’s like you have a tether to Source.  This is one of the most harmonious aspects, activating your Inner Shaman, Spiritual Warrior, your Sleeping Goddess, asking you to share something profound and meaningful. 

Happy New Moon Sag loves.   

Reach out to Dana Damara if you’d like an astrological reading or intuitive nudge. You can find her at or on Instagram at @danadamaraevolution


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