New Moon In Taurus

New Moon In Taurus

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By Dana Damara

I can’t even begin to explain this New Moon without sitting down, taking a breath, getting a stomachache, and then feeling giddy about how exciting it all is!! Let me get clear though - it’s exciting if you like change!! If change isn’t your thing, well you may be in for a bit of a bumpy ride.  My invitation to you is to go with the flow here – don’t fight it. You’ll lose.

There are two really epic things happening this week.  We’ve got a New Moon Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th at 4:48am PST. And the, Uranus enters Taurus after being away since around 1941-1942.   

What does that mean? Hold onto your hats … or maybe not. Let them go!! Because if something has needed to shift in your life and you haven’t done anything about it, it will shift.  Yes, that it will.  Uranus is the planet of unexpected changes, breakthroughs, breakdowns, and up-leveling at it’s finest. 

So don’t blame anyone for any changes that are occurring, because somewhere along the line, you asked for it. And if you didn’t, well it was time and you didn’t see it. Everything you know is about to shift, so stay open to miracles happening for you! You won’t feel secure in your old ways of thinking or perceiving your life so do not fight it. 

I repeat … do not fight it!

First off, when there is a New Moon, it’s always about setting intentions for the next Lunar cycle. A Lunar cycle is a New Moon to New Moon time period, about 27-28 days.  So on a New Moon, it’s time to go inward, get quiet, get clear and listen.  Depending upon where the Moon is, will dictate what energy is influencing the intentions.  And not only that, but various planetary aspects (other planets orbiting around), will also influence the energy.

Taurus is about love, home, hearth, earth.  Listen to your heart in order to create magic right now.  Tune into your soul’s calling – in fact, feel grounded by it.  Drown out the logical and rational, and dive deep into the heart’s infinite awareness of everything that is pulsating around you.  You have the opportunity for epic healing through harmony, peace and compassion – not worrying, pushing or forcing. 

Uranus is the Great Awakener, expands the way in which we move in the world.  Get ready for epic shifts, miracles, and profound awakenings that encourage freedom and brand new experiences you could never have imagined.  Uranus is also about money. How you earn it, how you spend it, how you create financial flow in your life, and how you view it.  

Because Uranus enters Taurus on the same day as the New Moon, you can see why this is powerful. This is a time to discover a new way of creating financial flow for yourself that is incredibly aligned with your souls’ calling.  No more dancing around your greatness … it’s time to step into it with both feet.  Which of course can be a bit scary at first.  

You’ve got to trust that the shoes you’re about to step into will fit.

These planets and their orbits have way more knowledge than your brain and even life experience can ever imagine.  Open up to THAT, and the world is yours.  Maybe it’s time to accept a new way of doing things?  Maybe it’s time drop all those old paradigms and shift into creating prosperity in all areas of your life?  

Sounds exciting to me!!

But I’m a risk taker and this energy is about risk taking so you can feel more secure, strong, and connected to what’s important which is your Divine line to Source. This is, for lack of a better word … a rebirthing process.  A birthing process back home – to joy, to peace, to love.  That’s where you want those New Moon intentions to reside. 

The New Moon is creating a positive aspect with Venus – the Goddess of love and money.  And by the end of the week, she makes another positive flirtation with Uranus. Be loving and sweet; forgive and let go.  Put dramas behind you.  I mean it. 

The New Moon is opposite Jupiter.  Jupiter expands all it touches … ready for Divine wisdom and love?  Surrender into that field for a moment! Find the joy, the balance, the infinite connection. 

The New Moon trine Pluto, which puts these planets 120 degrees away from each other in the sky.  This aspect can create intense, deep experiences if you are open to that kind of epic power. Sometimes we shy away from intensity but underneath that deeper exploration is usually positive transformation.  If you have avoided intense shifts before, ask yourself why?  What were you afraid of? And now is not the time to step away! Now is the time to fly! 

Mars is squaring Uranus, 90 degrees away from each other in the sky.  This aspect can get a little tense if you stop paying attention.  Pay attention, concentrate, observe.  Taking a risk is good but being impulsive is not.  Use all your tools is what I’m trying to say here. 

The best for last!! Jupiter trine Neptune!! This is so lovely!! It encourages you to enhance your physic abilities and trust them! It asks you to up-level your self-value system and go for what your soul is asking you to experience.  Align with your soul and your intuition – feel into your joy.  That is how you ignite magic.

Basically … it’s time to be courageous, know your worth, step into it, love the moment, and live in joy.  Side note – it won’t always be an easy ride though.  It’s filled with a few initiations along the way, checking to see if you are really using your tools.  When you do, you set into motion the long- term positive vision for the life you have always dreamed of.  

If you want more information and really want to dive into this energy ... I invite you to join me at  I articulate on the location of the New Moon, the transits and the powerful energy swirling around.   The program suggests simple intention setting guidelines for those of you who like a list.  And I offer up yoga asana, meditation, mantra, and essential oils to enhance your connection to the Moon. 

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If you are in San Francisco, find me at the Yoga Tree Castro every week for classes; on retreat at the New or Full Moon; or sitting in a room full of epic souls who want to share their love of yoga with the world.  Hope to see you soon! Reach out anytime!! 

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