New Moon Total Solar Eclipse In Cancer

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse In Cancer

Cover Photo By Annie Botticelli

By Dana Damara

The New Moon on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 is in Cancer, so emotions will be higher then “normal,” but what is normal anyway? It goes dark around 12:16pm PST. We are also blessed at this New Moon, with a Full Solar Eclipse.  

It’s not the first, nor will it be the last. I mean, everything is orbiting and we are just flowing along with it all.  We experience 13 Moon Cycles in a calendar year, and anywhere from 6 to 9 eclipses a year. This year is all about Capricorn, the opposition of Cancer.  

And since the Moon is the ruler of Cancer, this lunation is EXTRA emotional. So given the Moon, the sign, and the eclipse, be prepared for some eye opening, heart expanding, intimate healing to happen. Or not.

As always the New Moon is a time to start something new, plant new seeds and pay attention to what is dying and what is beginning. Given all the planetary aspects that surround this Moon (literally), my invitation is to focus, set some boundaries, love more, heal it all, and get ready to fly. Understand that the intentions you set this lunation will last 6 months. Not just four weeks, six months and all that is important to notate since we are heading toward an epic event of Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn, January 2020.  

It’s a potent time lovelies.

Cancer is about family, home, our feelings, our parents, and how sensitive we are to all that goes into those areas of our life. Take a look and see where Cancer lies in your chart. It will be important if you want to focus on the trajectory of your life. 

Cancer symbolizes the nourishment you allow yourself to receive and the nurturing you offer others. Cancers need to belong, they need to feel protected and they generally, are all about security and safety. They love deeply and are very empathetic, vulnerable, and authentic…once you get past their hard shell. It’s very important during this New Moon to nurture the relationships that feed you, that fill you, that lift you up.  Please, put the other ones on hold for now, or avoid them altogether. Forever. Bless them and send them on their way.

This New Moon sextile Uranus, which can bring flashes of creativity, new perspectives, and potentially new relationships to launch all that creativity. This energy has you meeting people that were at one point, out of your “box.” That may be because you’ve outgrown your box, so embrace these new friendships. Take a risk and maybe try something you haven’t before. I would just caution to really listen deep to your intuition (Ah…Neptune).  And, go slow (gotta love those retrogrades).  But trust me when I say … be open. You’ll notice your efforts of bravery about 6 months from now. 

Saturn is discipline, Neptune is imagination and dreams. When these two sextile it’s time to make your dreams a reality.  You remember those dreams right?  The original spark of love and creativity, go back to that.  But you have to have a plan, and you have to stay focused, or else Saturn will give you a stern talking to. Especially because he’s retrograding. No screwing around honestly, and be patient and disciplined; dream big but don’t rush to it.  (Did I mention that both of these planets are in retrograde?) The Divine has to have a hand and She likes it when you pause and trust her.  

Chiron squares the New Moon which lends the sacred healer an opportunity to go deep, and find emotional healing with love. Unconditional love. Period. And remember, be patient; we’re talking six months of purification. And yes, Chiron is going retrograde too so, there’s that. Slow down.  

Mercury square Uranus and conjunct Mars. A bit conflicting, especially since Mercury will go retrograde July 8, 2019.  You’ll feel a bit fiery and ready to go, but from my humble standpoint, just pause for a moment. Jupiter square Neptune, which is AWESOME!! Both planets in their own signs, both in retrograde. This is really activating your inspirational energy and how you put it out into the world. And, come back to the idea that it’s a Capricorn year.  All about your work, your Divine Mission, your Dharma, your offering. Don’t rush even if you want to. Gain some clarity around your soul purpose and just listen … and then listen again.   

Here’s my invitation:  Simplify. Listen. Love. Set boundaries. Get clear. Stay open. Be fearless. Experience Joy. Say what you want and go only in that direction.  There’s all the time in the world and not a minute to waste.  

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 Aum Shreem Som Somaya Namaha! 



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