How Yoga Can Improve Your Senses

How Yoga Can Improve Your Senses

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Yoga has a vast range of benefits, away from the obvious advantages like muscle gain and weight loss. It can help to increase your flexibility and boost your circulation. Practicing regular yoga can help you to manage pain, control symptoms of illness and reduce your stress levels. This can help you to sleep and improve your mood. It’s also a great way to meet new people and improve your social life. Trying to fit yoga practice into your day to day routine can have a hugely beneficial effect on your life, and even a few minutes a day is worth doing. 

Practicing through routines, that target every area of your body is a great idea, but sometimes it’s alright to focus on specific areas. There’s yoga to help you sleep, yoga for a bad back, yoga to improve your posture, or to increase your cardio performance. There’s yoga for near enough everything. Including your senses. It might not seem as though yoga could improve your eyesight, but it can. Let’s take a look at some of the yoga poses, which could help to heighten your senses, even if you use hearing aids or wear glasses. 


Any pose that focuses on balance can be great for your eyesight. Warrior 3, tree pose, and anything else where you have to balance on one leg gives you the chance to focus on one position. Doing this can help to give your eyes a workout. 


A standing split isn’t for beginners, so take it slowly and only push as far as you can. Bring your hands to the floor, on either side of your front foot, keeping it straight, and then raise your back leg to the ceiling, while keeping your chest pressed into your front leg and your back straight. Listen to the sounds of the blood rushing to your head and filling your ears. 


Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana or a high lunge is perfect for your sense of smell. From downward dog, bring one foot all the way forward, beyond your knee. Straighten your back leg, keeping your heel pressed into the mat, bring your arms up over your head, roll your shoulders back and hold the pose, breathing deeply. This move stretches your hips, legs and groin and opens up your chest, clearing your airways. 

For a better sense of smell, while in any pose, take the time to think about what you can smell, pushing yourself to identify different things. 


From your high lunge, enter a lunge twist by pressing your hands together in prayer pose, and turning, so that your lower elbow is passed your bent knee, and the other is pointing up at the ceiling. While here, think about everything that you can feel. Feel your fingers pressed together and your toes on the matt. Take the time to feel what all of your muscles are doing. 


When you hold a pose, or at the end of the workout when you are practicing the corpse pose, pay attention to what is going on in your mouth. What can you taste? Does your out breathe taste different to the in? Does the taste change as your practice progresses?


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