New Moon, Solar Eclipse, First Of Three!

New Moon, Solar Eclipse, First Of Three!

By Dana Damara

New Moons are time for setting intentions.  


New Moons with a Solar Eclipse are a moment to reboot.  


New Moon, Solar Eclipse, first of three, with 6 planets in retrograde are a moment to hang on to your hat and buckle up for the ride. 

This New Moon is big, they always are, but this one is aligned with the first of three (not two), but three eclipses in a row. Here’s what I know to be true about eclipses. They are a reset button, whether you like it or not.  Whether you want it or not. Whether you are prepared or not, may or may not make a difference.  But this one is big and it’s recalibrating your relationships, your career, and the way you assert yourself emotionally.  

Emotions are running HIGH and INTENSE and RAW.  Thoughts on this week?  Take a breath before you speak, pay attention to the details of your life, get your shit together calmly.  Stay on your side of the street and be prepared to catapult into the next paradigm of your life.  

All of these aspects really tune us into the reality of love, grace, gratitude, hard work, honest communication, and the dedication necessary to fulfill your dreams. 

If you’ve been working diligently and paying attention, stay tuned, your hard work is about to pay off.  But maybe not until that last eclipse on August 11, 2018.  

In this moment in time, we have Saturn, Chiron, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Pluto all in retrograde.  It’s a cauldron of learning, releasing, evolving, observing, expanding, and healing. 

As the New Moon approaches, Jupiter stations direct.  Jupiter has been in retrograde since March 8, 2018 … what has been working in and with you since that time with regard to expansion?  Your visions? Your dreams? Your reality?  Your relationships?  Think about it…. 

Not only that but Mercury will square Jupiter while he stations direct.  Communication … communication … communication.  Listen, observe, expand, breathe before you speak.  Allow in what works, block was does not.  Period.  

Chiron, the wounded warrior asks that all old emotions come up for healing… deep healing, not just skim the surface kind of shit.  Rip off the band-aid and dive in. Get clean and clear of everything and anything that keeps nagging at your heart.  Why?  So you can move forward in love, with a clean slate.  Heal it … love it… bless it and let it go.  

Saturn wants you to get it right.  The Lord of Karma is asking you to reckon with your own truth. And remember, he’s sitting in Capricorn - your space of career, soul work, how you manifest your purpose and power in this world.  He’s sitting there until 2020 so you have time but he’s in retrograde so take a look at your truth, your karma, your life. 

Here’s the really cool thing … actually two things.  We have two Grand Trines happening right now … Yup .. two.. One in water signs and one in Earth signs.  Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine at their finest.  

The first one is Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces, (both in retrograde) trine this New Moon in Cancer.  This is a delicious trine of magic, mysticism, expansion, emotional assertion, and unearthed feelings coming up for alchemy.  

The second one is Venus in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, trine Saturn in Capricorn.  Earth bound manifesting power at it’s finest.  These two trines have the power to manifest abundance, Divine wisdom, creative imagination and powerful blessings.  Just breathe into it and watch it unfold.  Find the spots within yourself begging to be balanced, healed and loved.  Go there.

Now, the only thing to look out for is … this New Moon is opposite Pluto which creates some tension. But honestly, tension is good.  Pluto unlocks core feelings, issues you’ve shoved under the rug, secrets to be revealed.  They are coming up for an emotional PURGING, a cleansing at a Soul-level, a RELEASE that ultimately EMPOWERS, and brings on a major transformation that will impact your life in a big way.

Pluto is in Capricorn, (along with Saturn) so we’re looking at responsibility, work, dedication in both your personal and professional life.  Ready for a recalibration?  No?  Well, get ready - because we’re in the spin cycle until the New Moon happens August 11, 2018.

My invitation … meditate, pray, practice, listen, love and be flexible.  Go team.

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