Gifts Every Yogi Will Be Grateful For

Gifts Every Yogi Will Be Grateful For

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If you have a friend or relative that is into yoga, you could have great fun when it comes to buying them a gift. There are plenty of things to choose from, but you need to know that it is something they will appreciate.

A Statement Mat For Outdoors

A mat that they can use outdoors would be a great gift for any yogi, as it will mean they can make their poses in the fresh air. You can also buy mat holders that usually have a zipped pocket for any little extras they need to carry around.

A Fitbit Tracker

If your yogi friend likes to track every move they make then a Fitbit tracker could be the ideal gift. They automatically detect exercise and keep tabs on heart rate, calories burned and the amount of sleep taken.

A Woolly Hat

This might seem a strange one, but if they are sweating after a session and their hair looks like rats tails, they might be glad of something to hide it under. It can also prevent any chills getting into their head.

A Self-Rolling Mat

How about a mat that rolls itself up when it has been finished with? This sounds a great idea, and although it may be a bit quirky, it is bound to be one that your yogi friend is very pleased to receive.

A Subscription Box

When people want to try natural herbs and they may be really impressed with the results. But then they get busy and forget to buy some more before they run out.  The answer is a CBD subscription box, as then they will always have the supplies they need. CBD is particularly good for relaxing and managing pain, so you can see why yogis of all schools would appreciate that, in particular

After The Class bath Salts

These are for a touch of pampering when the yoga class has finished. They can lie back in a nice relaxing bath and enjoy the fragrance and the softness of the water.

Sweat Towels

The idea with this is that it is placed on top of their mat and it soaks up their sweat. Not will they only feel better, but it will also help to protect their mat meaning it will last longer.

A bottle That Stays Cold For 24 Hours

Take some water out of the fridge and an hour later it is no longer so cold. When you are doing yoga, a nice cold drink can be very refreshing; and a bottle that keeps water cold for a full 24 hours could be the perfect gift.

New Leggings (Any Color But Black)

Most people attending any sort of glasses wear black leggings and it is very likely that your yogi friend has several pairs of them. Buy them some legging in red, blue or green, and make their attire a bit different from everyone else’s.

Slip-On Shoes

Some shoes that will slip on or off quickly can be a great bonus for any yogi. If they are prone to lateness they will be even more appreciated.

There are lots of gifts you could buy your yogi friend or relative, you just have to sneakily make sure they have not already got what you are thinking of buying.


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