February's Tarot Card: The Magus

February's Tarot Card: The Magus

SF Yoga Mag will be doing a mini tarot reading each month, which will serve as a guide and inspiration for what's ahead. For February, we pulled The Magus from the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot deck.

By Deidre Norman

This card is numbered one, signifying new beginnings and opportunities. The man on the card stands with one arm reaching upwards towards the Universe/Cosmos, and the other reaching down towards the earth. This is showing the importance of having that connection between the Spirit World and the Material World. Having this balance is key for this month and will allow us to better communicate with others as well as be more flexible. Finding balance this month will give us more ease and grace as we move into the next stage of our lives.


The Magus

Mercury, Flexibility, Communication, New Beginnings, and Balance

“The Magus is represented but the Greek God Mercury, the messenger with wings of pure spirit. Mercury bears energy which spreads and radiates from him. This card represents Will, Wisdom and the Word through which the world was created." From TAROT by Gerd Ziegler

Questions to ask yourself this month:

  • What messages or inspirations have you been receiving from the Universe/Cosmos, that you know you need to start listening to? Are any of the these inspirations/messages important to your path in serving or helping us on Earth?

  • What are you talents? How can you start using or sharing these talents, if you are not already? And if you are not stepping into these talents, what is holding you back?

  • What is your communication method? Art, Writing, Song, Dance, Telepathy, etc….

  • How do you balance your connection with the Spiritual World and the Material World?


  • A daily meditation practice.

  • A daily Prana/Apana Pranayama practice. 3 minutes. Inhale through the nose. During your inhale, plans are facing upwards, the thumb is touching the tips of the pinky and the ring finger. Visualize bringing up grounding and healing Earth Energy into the body. Exhale through the nose. Flip the hands over, palms now facedown. Thumb is now touching the tips of the middle finger and ring finger. Visualize bringing down Energy from the Cosmos into the body. Repeat this inhale and exhale breath with the mudras.

  • A daily Qi Gong Practice. 3 minutes. Stand with feet about hip width apart, knees slightly bent. Arms slight bent towards 90 degrees. Start with palms facing up. Inhale and slightly allow arms and palms to rise, as the legs start to straighten. Visualize bringing up healing Earth Energy into the body. Exhale palms face down and allow the arms to slightly move downwards, as you slightly bend the knees. Visualize energy coming down from the Cosmos, filling your body. Arms will be moving up and down, in front of the belly. Repeat this motion with the breath.

The perfect time to move forward with an idea, thought, or project is NOW.

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