March Tarot Card: The Horse

March Tarot Card: The Horse

By Deidre Norman

For SF Yoga Mag's March tarot reading, I chose to pull a card from one of my favorite Tarot Card Decks,The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit, by Kim Krans. Messages from animal spirits are super important to me. Animals, insects, marine mammals, etc. all have powerful messages for us. I am always paying attention to the animals and wildlife, that cross my path. The Native American culture felt very strongly about the messages that animals send to us.

This month, the card I pulled was the Horse. The Horse is associated with Earth energy, reminding us to pay extra attention to being grounded. It is very important to stay rooted to the healing powers of Mother Earth energy right now.

The horse symbolizes momentum, freedom, expansive energy + force. As Kim Krans states, “The horse represents the most masterful form of Earth Energy within the deck!” She goes on to say that the horse, “provides us with momentum so reliable, so supportive, that you can ride on its back toward any goal, no matter how difficult the terrain. A horse personality is full awakened, full alive and cannot be defeated. The horses freedom becomes available to us when we hone and collect our energy through daily practice.”

Physical stamina (exercise) + mental focus (meditation) are key—they are the secret weapons behind the horses legacy!

When we are in a state of balance, we have a sense of physical and mental strength. We feel as if we can achieve anything, nothing can stop us! We do not give up. When we are out of balance, we feel a sense of weakness and confusion. We want to run away from life. To bring this energy into balance we can exercise, practice yoga, meditate and, most importantly, spend time in nature.

Questions to ask yourself this month:

  • What makes you feel grounded and centered? How can you incorporate more of this into your daily life?

  • What makes you feel ungrounded and disconnected? Can you limit any of these things temporarily?

  • How much time do you spend in nature? Is there a way to add more time in nature in your day?

  • Where do you feel weak in your life? Is there anything you are running from? Where do you need to add in the energy of the horse?


  • Make a commitment to attend two yoga classes this week.

  • Spend more time in nature, with your shoes off! Feel your feet connecting with the earth.

  • Find a place to meditate in nature.

  • Schedule a hike or some sort of physical exercise in nature.

  • Add in a 3-minute pranayama to your daily practice. Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril) is one of my favorite breathing exercises to get grounded.

    • Set your timer for 3 minutes.

    • Start in a comfortable seated position. Feel your sit bones connecting deep into the Earth, as you feel the crown of your head reaching up.

    • Drishti (soft gaze): Eyes closed, focus up and in towards your third eye center.

    • Mudra: Left hand in Gyan Mudra (thumb and pointer finger touching), hand resting on lap.

    • Right hand: Point finger + middle finger placed between your eyebrows, ring finger tucked in and your pinky and thumb will be used to open and close the nostrils.

    • Start by inhaling through the right nostril, left nostril closed. As you inhale, visualize energy moving from the base of the spine up to the 6th chakra (the third eye). At the top of the inhale, hold your breath.

    • Exhale through the left nostril, keep the energetic expansion you created with our inhales, but allow the physical body to melt down towards the Earth. Feeling the pull of gravity rooting you down.

    • Inhale through left nostril, and then exhale through right. Inhale through right and exhale through left. Keep flowing with this pattern.

    • At the end of the 3 minutes. Allow yourself to sit for a moment or two and tune into the sense of being grounded and your still mind.

And remember: Pay attention to the animals and wildlife that cross your path. They all have messages!

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