Some Ways In Which Intentionality Can Help Improve Your Life

Some Ways In Which Intentionality Can Help Improve Your Life

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“Intentionality” is a word that you might not hear too often in everyday life, but it refers to a concept that can truly change your life for the better.

Ask yourself this simple question: are you living life on your terms? In other words, are the situations that you find yourself in, and the lifestyle that you find yourself living, mostly the result of your own intentional choices, or does everything just kind of “happen” to you?

“Intentionality” means living your life with more purpose, and focus. It means being aware of what you’re doing, and what direction you’re heading in, and prioritizing effectively on that basis.

Here are a few ways in which intentionality can help improve your life.

By forcing you to get clear on what it is you’re really unhappy with, and then taking steps to change it

From time to time, we’re all prone to feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with the circumstances we find ourselves in.

But just because we feel unhappy with our circumstances, doesn’t mean we actually have a good sense of what, precisely, is bothering us, or how we could set about effectively correcting the situation.

It could be that there’s a certain part of your body where you store a bit of extra fat, and a body contouring session might significantly help to boost your sense of comfort and satisfaction in your own skin.

Then again, it could be that the real source of your dissatisfaction has very little, if anything, to do with your body shape, and that projecting your problems onto your physique is ultimately unhelpful and unproductive.

Intentionality means specificity, to a large degree. It’s a lifestyle ethos that forces you to identify what’s really bothering you, and then to take steps to address those things specifically.

By helping you to realise your potential, instead of burying it in hesitation and inaction

No one really likes to think of their own mortality, but the harsh truth is that we all have only a limited time in life in which to live our dreams, and achieve our potential.

When you don’t live your life in an intentional and focused manner, you essentially drown yourself in chaos, and ensure that your potential lies buried beneath confusion, uncertainty, hesitation, and inaction.

By being intentional and specific about the choices you make on a daily basis, you’re putting yourself in a position to realise your potential, instead of squandering it. That’s a great thing.

By filtering out the “noise”, in order to help you focus on what’s really important

We all have things in life that are ultimately meaningful and important to us on a deep level, and plenty of other things that aren’t.

When you live in an unintentional and unfocused way, your life is likely to be filled with “noise” that can distract you from what is truly important to you.

But time goes by quickly, and if you fail to properly pay attention to what matters most to you, you might lose it without ever having properly appreciated it.

Intentional living helps you to filter out the noise, and to give the time and attention needed to those things that really matter to you.


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