A Holistic Approach To Increased Relaxation, Creativity And Strength

A Holistic Approach To Increased Relaxation, Creativity And Strength

By Lexi Faith

I have been practicing Sattva Yoga for many years! I wanted to share with you all why I think it is a beautiful way to become more balanced in your life. It is an integrated practice that incorporates all eight limbs of yoga in the practice of self-mastery, which leads to increased levels of relaxation, creativity, and strength.

How does this work?

Through practice with the physical body, the energetic body, the voice, meditation, and the use of kriyas, we generate and shift our consciousness for deeper states of awareness. Anand Mehrotra, the founder of Sattva Yoga Academy, shares these teachings of the ancient practices of classical tantra, hatha yoga, kundalini kriyas, and yogic philosophy in a conscious community in the Himalayas.

Tantric kundalini kriyas work to generate electricity and shift consciousness, making what is unconscious, conscious. The kriyas are a moving meditation, using pranayama, mantra, and repetitive movements, which put students into a deep state of consciousness. This practice works with our kundalini energy, our abundant energy source located within the spine, which is the same energy as our sexual and creative energy. Yogis have learned to guide this energy as a form of self-mastery through relaxed effort. When we are relaxed and at ease, our natural state of creativity comes forth.

Kriyas, combined with freedom movement, asana, mantra chanting, and partner work, leaves students feeling connected, at ease, physically stronger, mentally stronger, and energetically stronger, as this integrated practice works on the five koshas. The five koshas are the energetic bodies according to yogic philosophy. When we cleanse our energetic bodies, we leave space for our intuition, and our kundalini energy, to guide us creatively in our lives.

Creative energy is used in all aspects of life. We are creative when it comes to conversation, finances, lifestyle design, relationships, emotional well being, mental health, and every other aspect of our lives. At any given point, we are creating, sustaining, or destroying. Through the practice of Sattva Yoga, we can learn to master this energy, release suppressed emotions, and create space to relax and live creatively, according to our own choices. As we cleanse our energetic field, our energy becomes stronger and stabilizes so we may live relaxed and in the creative flow.

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