Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon In Scorpio

Cover Photo By Forever Conscious

By Dana Damara

Gotta love Full Moons don’t ya? I mean all the illumination, the intensity, the revealing!! This Saturday’s Full Moon Scorpio is all the things on steroids.  The Full Moon happens on May 18, 2019, 27° Scorpio, at 2:11pm PST.

Scorpio dives to the depths and this Moon will be doing just that.  Depending upon where you are at in your life, this could be lovely or painful.  But either way, it’s cleansing, clearing, and oh so transformative.  

We’ve been feeling this one coming for awhile now.  What, with the five Full Moons at zero degrees, we’ve been teetering on the precipice …on the edge, peering over the side and now, here we are.  Scorpio can be sensual, playful, passionate, and joyful on the upside.  This energy could open you up to a new portal of love, sexuality and connection.  It could bring your frequency to a whole new level.  Super exciting if you ask me! 

With Venus joining Mercury, Uranus and the Sun in Taurus, there is greater attention and focus on beauty, sensuality, your value, your worth, nourishment, and emphasis on financial flow.  Your R E S O U R C E S … 

There are six planets in Earth signs at the time of the Full Moon and 4 planets in water signs.  Time to ground, to step into nature, to nurture.  

Thankfully, the Moon sextile Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling planet), while the Sun trine Pluto.  So harmonious – don’t be surprised if you encounter intimate connections, positive bonding experiences, and deeply enriching, emotionally, empowered exchanges.  (Say that quickly!) In fact, this aspect has been happening all week leading up to the Full Moon. This aspect reinforces the transformative power behind this Full Moon. The depths at which we can travel, and the structures we can tear down and rebuild.  

Time to up the ante on your value system – again. I heard this quote today and I love it:  Your self worth comes first, self mastery follows.

Love that … so much. 

Full Moon Scorpio is all about clearing, elevating, cleansing, and healing. Powerful time to be sure. The Sun is conjunct Mercury so communication is amplified and illuminated. Since the Moon is opposite Mercury, well, communication may be a bit emotional. Something to do with shared R E S O U R C E S, and maybe F I N A N C E S. 

Uranus conjunct Venus, which could catapult you into new ways of living and loving.  Remember, Uranus is about breakthroughs and lightening bolt ideas.  Stay open to something new crossing your path ... feet rooted, heart open, eyes wide! 

Check in with the channel you are currently living in… it’s creating everything.  Are you aware of the energy your emitting?  Are you using your creative energy?  Are you flinging it about?  Are you enmeshed?  Check in ... go to the depths. 

Scorpio Full Moons are traditionally, the most powerful Full Moons because the sign rules over death, rebirth, and spiritual transformation.  Time to let go and be seen.  Be authentic.  Be real and step into your fullest potential.  

Ask yourself what you can let go of? What’s heavy?  What’s not serving you anymore. This is the only Scorpio Full Moon this year … use it wisely.  It’s been a year in the making, this moment.  Allow … Allow …. Allow and then allow some more.  

Ask deep questions. Listen deeply. Love intimately. Explore completely.  

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