Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Crystal Marie Higgins.

Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Crystal Marie Higgins.

Name: Crystal Marie Higgins.

Practice with me at: Yoga Tree Stanyan + 6th Avenue and Sunporch Yoga.

How long I’ve been practicing yoga: 21 years.

How long I’ve been teaching yoga: 7 years.

What kind of yoga I teach: Hatha Flow and Restorative.

My mantra these days: Be patient, this is a breath practice first and foremost. And listen to your body.

An Asana, Kriya OR Meditation that has been resonating with me lately is: I love finding more depth through mindfulness meditation, and if you haven't checked out Vinny Ferraro or Matthew Brensilver in Big Heart City Meditation on Friday nights in the Mission (St. John's Church) go! The way they teach has been life changing for me in both my yoga practice, as a meditator and in life.

How I like to practice yoga off the mat: I like to do a slow flow with a focus on building strength and ease, plus I love ending with a restorative pose or two to calm my mind. I teach this way as well! 

My sign: Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon + Cancer Rising North Node. So I like to be balanced, deep and feel emotions deeply. I am a nurturer at heart.

The last book I read was: I am currently reading The Expectant One by Kathleen McGowan. Life changing!

Favorite local juice/tea spot: I really dig Beloved Cafe on 24th right across from Bart. It is so cute, cozy and they really take care of you there.

Where I go for a nourishing meal: So hard to choose as the Bay Area has the best food! One of my favorite spots has been for years and still is Absinthe in Hayes.

What’s on your yoga playlist right now: Local artist Ege Sanli, plus a lot of Florence + the Machine, Sharon Von Eaton and throwbacks like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

A few of my favorite yoga teachers are: My primary teacher who is absolutely incredible is Abby Tucker! Go see her in Berkeley if you haven't tried her classes. She is a senior level teacher and a master at creating space.

A ritual I love: I start my day with a cup of hibiscus and cinnamon tea, and then I do a four part mind/body/emotion/intuition check in with my journal, I meditate for 5 - 15 minutes depending upon my schedule and time and a little bit of yoga (at least 3 poses, sometimes more). I do this ritual every morning before I look at my phone, computer or the news helps me start my day feeling clear and grounded. Also I don't look at the news or my phone except for to call or text folks on Saturday. Take one day off from the stimulation. It is so helpful!!!

What I am letting go of this year: The need to please everyone or be everyone's teacher. Some people will resonate with how I teach, and others will not. That is just fine! 

What I am embracing this year: I am reclaiming joy and more play by allowing a bit more space in my schedule. It is hard to not fill my schedule up to the brim! But spaciousness to be, to create and to have fun is so essential for life. Even if that means 15 minutes a day to myself. Hopefully longer! This is the kind of life I want and am creating in real time.


My instagram@crystalmariehiggins.

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