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OM Rising: Gathering Our Sangha

By Nikita Mehta

What does it mean to truly form community? To be in sangha with one another? Every day in studios all across the Bay Area we roll out our mats, side by side, flow and breathe, move our bodies, set intention and lay in savasana together. We say hello, make lingering eye contact, exchange numbers, meet for coffee… and then go about on our busy, beautiful, blessed lives. We are a community…

Kerri Kelly: Yoga For Radical Change

By Autumn Feldmeier

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the workshop Radical Healing: Yoga for These Times with Kerri Kelly last month at Yoga Tree. I’ve been hearing the word ‘radical’ a lot recently. I have seen several yoga classes/workshops using the word radical for their descriptions and even the theme of this past Burning Man was Radical Ritual. I feel like the word radical is overused and watered down.  Kerri’s Radical Healing workshop was anything but watered down...