3 Tests To Take For Your General Wellness

3 Tests To Take For Your General Wellness

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One of the incredible side-effects of the increasingly technologically sophisticated world we live in today, is that it is now often possible for the average person to get some quite sophisticated medical tests done, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, as was the case just a few short years ago.

In fact, various (primarily web-based) services – such as Medichecks in the UK – allow you to get blood tests of all sorts done, at prices far below what private healthcare providers will tend to offer. What’s more, you can often take the tests from the luxury of your own home, courtesy of a home-collection kit.

And, if there’s a specific test of another sort that you are on the lookout for, a quick web search is likely to reveal ways you can get done quickly and easily.

But what tests should you take for the sake of your general health and wellness? Here are a few suggestions.

Hearing and eyesight tests

Most people will not give much thought to a  hearing aid evaluation, or to a hearing test in general, unless they are already well aware that there are urgent issues with their hearing that need to be addressed.

When all is said and done, though, allowing your hearing to deteriorate over time, without treatment or correction, can result in changes to the structure of your brain that will worsen your situation significantly.

Eyes tests are quite common. You should of course get these done as par for the course, if you suspect there’s an issue with your eyesight. But, get your hearing checked out as well.

Your mood, and ability to navigate the world effectively, can be very negatively impacted if your hearing or eyesight deteriorates, and if you don’t take steps to address those issues.

Blood tests for hormonal imbalances

Out of all the different types of blood tests that people can take, blood tests for hormonal imbalances are often among the most accessible – and should generally be treated as the most pressing.

Many people end up dealing with ongoing and sometimes debilitating issues in life, for years if not decades at a time, due to hormonal imbalances that haven’t been identified and addressed. Hypothyroidism, for example, can dramatically sap your energy and can leave you feeling constantly low and sluggish.

In men, testosterone deficiency is increasingly becoming a problem. And in both genders, issues with the hypothalamic access can take a real toll on quality of life.

Get your basic hormone levels screened. If a problem is detected, there are various things you can do, starting with lifestyle-based changes.

Self-administered mood and food experiments, to see whether your diet may be causing you problems

There are a staggering number of diets and nutritional plans and strategies out there, many of which make some very ambitious and lofty claims and promises.

It’s worth exploring different nutritional plans, under your own steam, while keeping a food, mood, and lifestyle journal, in order to track how different dietary interventions and approaches impact the rest of your life.

Many people struggle with undiagnosed food allergies and conditions, and an elimination diet can often prove generally rejuvenating.

The problem is, there is no “one size fits all” here. So, get your menu, get your journal, and start self experimenting.

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