Full Moon In Aquarius

Full Moon In Aquarius

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On August 15th, 2019 we have a Full Moon at 22° Aquarius.

The Full Moon falls on my birthday, August 15, 2019 at 22 degrees Aquarius and is directly opposite Venus in Leo.  This is all about our values, what we hold as truth, and how important we think we really are.  Leo is the heart and Aquarius is the head.  Without each other, both are dangerous. However, when they coexist, things work out pretty well.  22 degrees in numerology, is about relationship, can’t have one without the other. And, even more lovely, it’s the Master number for intimate relationship.  Which coincides perfectly with Venus conjunct the Sun … gotta love Divine Love don’t ya’? 

Sun and Venus are in Leo, holding hands and flirting like old lovers.  Sun is our persona, and Venus is love, beauty, values, and abundance. When they are together they represent a commitment to all those things.  Those things we are no longer willing to sacrifice or forgo. 

Aquarius is the head … what we think, and how we think. And, it represents our collective vision. The vision we hold for this planet, our role, and how we, as a race, can support universal vision and healing.

This Full Moon puts the focus on your love life and finances over the next few weeks.  Anything that needs affection will get it; anything that needs some sorting out … well that will happen too.  

Just this aspect alone holds so much power and potency.  You are sitting in the middle of a playing field that can create abundance, romance, love, and situations that support an up-leveling of your own values.  

When Venus sits with the Sun, we feel affectionate, vulnerable, and are ready to relax. Venus opposite the Moon governs our feeling of love, of harmony, of beauty and intimacy.  It’s not just a thought, it’s actually happening.  

Mars is only 6 degrees away from Venus, which brings a bit of fire and passion to this scenario.  Be mindful that you don’t go too fast and furious. Minor irritations could explode; stay in the good vibes.  If you feel energetic in any way, use it constructively:  exercise, run, swim, surf;  anything to use that energy for movement of your own subtle body. (Making love might be nice too…. Just saying) 

On August 11, Jupiter stationed direct and I don’t know if you felt it, but I did. It was like the noose came unraveled.  A portal opened and a wave of expansion, wisdom, blessings, and gratitude may have bestowed your life. Now, if this is not your story please remember, sometimes the greatest gifts do not come wrapped in pretty paper.  Be patient.  

Uranus just went into retrograde and Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron are still there, spinning backwards. You can’t rush your healing, remember. 

Your intuition is heightened right now so listen up and take heed.  Mercury comes out of his shadow on the same day as the Full Moon so any unresolved communication issues could resolve themselves if you listen and don’t push.  You may hear things from a different perspective now. 

This Venus-Star Point, which is when Venus conjuncts the Sun is super powerful. If you can drop some of your angst and really dissolve resentment, you may find yourself in a brand new dimension of your life.  

This is a time to beam your light. Step into your power. Love deeper than you “think” you can. Trust me on this one.  Leos love love, and this is a season of love.  

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 Aum Shreem Som Somaya Namaha! 









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