Full Harvest Moon - Pisces

Full Harvest Moon - Pisces

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By Dana Damara

On Friday, September 13, 2019 at 9:35pm PST, we will be blessed with a most auspicious Full Moon in Pisces. I say that because the energy with this one is magical, mystical and very powerful. You have the opportunity to tap into your inner mystic and ground into every single thing you have ever dreamed of.  

The Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury all sit in Virgo directly across from the Moon and Neptune, both in Pisces. You will feel assertive and ready to “make it happen,” whatever “it” is. All those planets in Virgo give you the forward momentum you need to connect the dots.

Mercury is soooo flirting with Venus – it’s ridiculous!  All of your communication comes with grace, ease and love. The love will flow off your mouth and potentially heal relationships. Show appreciation and compassion, be affectionate, as everyone, including you, is ultra sensitive with this Moon.  

What’s so epic about all of this, is the Moon and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces … directly across from the Sun in Virgo.  This is one of the greatest oppositions we could experience.  The power to transform your life is happening NOW.

This IS the balance of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine - in full limelight.

Neptune and the Moon enhance your intuitive abilities and open you up to new possibilities. It’s YOUR job to listen and comply. Follow the ones that suit your soul.  Also, since the Moon is in the last sign of the zodiac, it’s the end of the old, and beginning of something new.  

Because this is opposite of all those planets in Virgo (Earth), you have the power to bring all your dreams to life.  Be cautious, Neptune can create a bit of confusion, but remember confusion clouds the mind, but also points the way.  (Thank you Trevor Hall

Your dreams may be more intense but that’s because all of the things hidden are coming to the surface and maybe, just maybe, in your waking life, you aren’t listening. This Moon sextile Pluto, the underbelly of your “stuff” being brought to the surface in a sensitive, loving way of course. Move through it to the golden nugget, I swear it’s there. Positive transformation happens when we are willing, able, and awake.  

Here’s a good way to think about it:  Pluto is purging, Neptune is releasing, and the Sun and Mars is activating. Thank Goddess for the Moon and Neptune in Pisces!! It’s like a bath in the feminine.  

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 Aum Shreem Som Somaya Namaha! 

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