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An Intimate Concert And Interview With Jai Uttal 

By Nikita Mehta

One reason this is so different is, this is the first time that I will be just accompanying myself, no soloist, no second singer. I spent a lot of my career with very large bands, my albums earlier on with the Pagan Love Orchestra, there were 4 albums with them and it was always between 11 and 15 people...

Kirtan Lounge Invites Los Angeles Musicians And Recording Industry Professionals To DTLA’s Vortex Dome October 7 For “Yoga of Sound - Music For Mindfulness In The Age Of Technology.”


Los Angeles, CA – Google’s noted chief brand marketing evangelist Gopi Kallayil and multi-media producer Ananta Govinda along with their musicians collective Kirtan Lounge will host "Yoga of Sound - Music for Mindfulness in the age of Technology,” on October 7, a special event dedicated to sharing practices and experiences of using sound vibrations in healing and self-empowerment...