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The Bigger Yes: A Workshop For Self-Reflection And Continued Sobriety

By Nikita Mehta

It allows us the safe space to confront some of the things that we have been guarding against by using or drinking. And for me there is so much more healing in that. The discharge of trauma stored in up your body. More than any therapy or anything else. So yoga is just particularly effective because you have to slow down a little bit and it integrates the mind and the body...

A Yoga Love Story: Interview With Stephanie Snyder

By Courtney Aldor

Love Story came to be because it not only aligned with those aspects, but yoga is quite actually the greatest love story of all time as I see it. It's where we fall back in love with ourselves, our gifts and limitations. It's where we fall in love with our life - sometimes messy and sometimes amazing but always worth it...