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"Run, Bend, Sit" With Wanderlust 108

By SF Yoga Mag

The Wanderlust 108, is a mindful triathlon where, instead of running, biking and swimming, participants can do a 5K fun run (or walk!), take an energetic yoga class, and meditate with top national instructors. Put simply it’s a #5KYogaMeditation. Amazing DJ’s will spin tunes to provide the soundtrack to the day’s events.

Bhakti Fest!

By Ashley Shires

I pulled my rental car into the dirt parking lot of Bhakti Fest, in the Joshua Tree desert, and a security guard in a bright orange vest motioned for me to roll down my window. I did, to a blast of 100-degree heat. He grinned at me, yelling, “Namaste!” I grinned back, realizing I had pulled off the highway and into an alternative reality...

Rise And Shine: The Daybreaker Movement

By Tawnya Schultz

Yoga, dancing and a casual Bay boat cruise sounds like a nice day, but what if you could do it all before 9 a.m.? The DayBreaker crew makes it a reality, bringing a community of energetic, eccentric and enthusiastic souls together for a morning that won’t be forgotten.