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Healing For The Self With Seva Simran

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Authentic Relationships with Seva Simran Singh at Yoga Tree Potrero on October 7th, Saturday from 1-4pm.

$50 advance | $55 day of event

Relationships are undeniably one of the most significant elements of ours lives. From family and friends to co-workers and romance, we are hard-wired for relationships. Just as we can experience fulfillment and joy, we can also experience stress, pain and worry about the connections in our lives. Yet of all the thousands and thousands of relationships we can experience, there is ultimately only one relationship: that of each one of us to our inner selves.

In this workshop you will:
• Clear known and unknown blocks in communication with our own selves and others
• Release, heal & resolve the pain of past relationships
• Deepen the connection to the authentic self
• Cultivate the ability to consciously build elevating relationships
• Utilize specific techniques to open the flow of love
• Deepen the capacity of understanding, forgiveness & compassion
• Explore the yoga of relationships and practice Venus Kriyas (partnered meditative practices)

Seva Simran Singh Khalsa's passion involves helping people find elevation and increased personal and spiritual freedom through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Through his warmth, compassion, and humor, he creates a space for students to release, heal and resolve. He is a Kundalini Teacher trainer as well as a gifted healer.

Please visit or call Yoga Tree Potrero at (415) 655-3936 to reserve your space!