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Creativity And Joy 2019: Kundalini Yoga And Ecstatic Dance With Sariah Jiwan Shakti

Join Sariah this January 12th for a special pop-up Kundalini yoga and ecstatic dance class focused on unlocking your full potential for 2019 and charging up your vision for the new year! It is all happening at the East Bay Community Space.

When you fully embody your whole self, and activate the massive potential of your humanity: mind, body, and spirit, anything is possible, and that means ANYTHING.

What possibilities are you embracing and allowing to unfold in your life in 2019? What are your intentions and prayers this new year? Who do you get to be when you let go of fear and through faith and joy dance into the unknown space of pure creative potential?

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful ancient technology for unlocking your full potential and living fearlessly. Ecstatic dance wakes up every cell in your body and releases tension, stress, and heaviness to spark pure creativity, joy and ecstasy! When you bring these two potent modalities together in one class, transformation and creation happens fast! 

Drop in and experience:

- A guided activation of your creative vision through movement and dance. You will dance, shake, breathe, and awaken your body's magic to Sariah's eclectic mix of mantra and electronic music. 

- Learn powerful Kundalini yoga kriyas for focus, vision, creativity, and fearless devotion. 

- Join with your community to uplift each other and amplify your prayers for 2019! 

Learn more about the event and get your tickets HERE.

About Sariah:

Sariah Sizemore is a gifted intuitive healer, coach, and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She provides her clients with a holistic program for real transformation that focuses on empowering their whole self. She is passionate about self-mastery and how humans are able to use the body as an access point for physical and metaphysical growth in order to make lasting life changes. In her work, she sources a blend of personal life experience, embodiment practices, kundalini yoga, somatic counseling, uplifting and direct coaching, shamanic healing, and intuition to support her clients and students. Sariah recognizes the need for fun, light heartedness, humor, and a safe and loving space for growth to occur. Her clients range in gender identification and age but usually have one thing in common - they are wanting to feel good in their bodies and about themselves, have more energy and vitality, and become more empowered and effective in their lives.

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