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Transformational Yoga And Reiki Retreat, In Bali

HIGHLIGHTS AND BENEFITS of this transformational retreat:

Imagine yourself finding a peace in paradise, living among the rocky coastline of Amed, Bali, breathing in the salty sea breeze, listening to the sounds of ocean and nourishing your body with freshly prepared vegan gourmet meals made from local organic products for 7 days. This deeply healing yoga and reiki retreat is created with the aim of giving you a chance to let go of stress, anxiety, fears, and emotional imbalance.

This 7-day journey has a great potential to bring your whole being into the balance again so you could move forward with great energy and purpose. Take this opportunity to enter into the stillness and reconnect to your intuition.  It is a wonderful way to reconnect with your inner wisdom and sort out the mental chatter of daily life. 

The aim of this retreat is for you to leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and empowered with a foundational personal yoga practice. Join in on daily yoga, mantra chanting, reiki sessions, meditation, healthy vegan food, massage, or take time for a nap, a rejuvenating bath, a walk on the sacred grounds, or a cleansing dip in the ocean and you will come away feeling refreshed, clear about what you need and how to live a balanced life, and have the support systems in place to keep you on track.

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