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A Weekend Yoga Experience With Desirée Rumbaugh & Andrew Rivin

This weekend will be an offering of Desirée and Andrew's latest discoveries, the mental and physical “food” that continues to sustain their practice and well-being, as they enter their seventh decade of life on the planet. 

You will explore:

o New ways to approach your work on the mat

o Questions that stimulate your thinking about your life and your relationships

o Ideas that may help you and/or your students move past your perceived limitations

o A deep remembrance of why you love Yoga or a newfound appreciation for the practice

Friday | 1:30-4pm 

Yoga For the Long Haul

This class is open to students and teachers of all levels and all ages, including Wisdom Warriors™ (yogis over age 50). We will practice a variety of poses along with exercises and explanations that create sustainable habits. Our mode of operation is to strengthen and heal rather than avoid. We prefer to step in more deeply than sit on the sidelines.

Friday | 6-8:30pm 

Release Tension with Hip Openers, Meditation and Pranayama 

The morning after this class it is not unusual for us to hear “My back never felt so good!” or “I slept like a baby”. Learn how to release stored tightness in the lower body and keep yourself feeling a lot lighter.

Saturday | 1:30-4pm   

Re-Balance Your Psoas with Forward Bends and Twists

The mood after this class is always refreshed and renewed, and we recommend that you give yourself at least 90 minutes to digest your previous meal.

Sunday | 1:30-4pm 

Backbends Forever

The purpose of the backbend practice is to keep you standing tall and confident throughout your daily life. If you don’t enjoy these poses, this class may help you shift your experience for good. If you love backbends, we will help you tap into an even deeper level of fullness.

$200 All | $55 drop-in per session


Desirée Rumbaugh
 continues to travel the world as she has for the last 20 years, teaching workshops and retreats to thousands of students of all ages and levels. Her travels inspire her and feed her growth as a curious teacher. She has also incorporated exercises from physical therapy, resistance training and functional movement into her teaching in order to keep her own body and her student’s safe on the journey. 

Andrew Rivin is an Executive Leadership Coach with the Asian Leadership Institute. His natural affinity for this type of work has deepened with the training he has done with Desirée. On the special occasions when he co-teaches with Desiree, he creates a powerful fusion of his depth of knowledge about yoga with his understanding of the workings of the mind.