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Master Class: Yoga And Astrology

Join Dana Damara for a powerful, spiritually infused, and physically challenging Vinyasa Yoga Master Class at Yoga Flow.

Ha-tha yoga = sun and moon. How could it be anything different? Learn how to align your own practice with astrology. Aligning our energy with the moon brings us closer to our Shakti, our prana, our life force. If the Moon makes waves, then it is an undeniable truth that we too are affected by Her rhythms. Every Lunar cycle offers us an opportunity to realign, recalibrate, reintegrate our own being into that which pulses with the Moon. 

Come prepared to realign and redesign your body, mind and soul. You are guaranteed to sweat and explore more flexibility through the power of movement. Precise attention to detail, each class is a dynamic flow and a synchronistic dance of movement, breath and powerful asanas. Each time we meet, I offer a varying sequence that will deepen your practice and meet you where you are at in that moment.

Cost: $30 in advance or $35 the day-of

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