Interview With Danni Pomplun: One Love SF!

Interview With Danni Pomplun: One Love SF!

By Autumn Feldmeier

When I saw the One Love yoga flyer at Union Yoga where I sometimes teach, I was thrilled! Partly because the person who brought One Love to San Francisco, Danni Pomplun, intrigues me. I knew I had to interview him!

Covered in tattoos, a self-proclaimed 'Yogi Misfit' and ‘Devotional Warrior'- Danni Pomplun is different than your average yoga teacher. Danni once wrote a blog called ’90% yoga- 10% Gangster Rapper'. This was inspired from his tough childhood and adolescence. They were filled with frustration, drugs, alcohol and even a near-death brush with cancer. I knew his choosing the Larkin Street Youth Services and the one love movement was not by chance and I was eager to learn more. 

The one love movement's mission is to inspire 'one love' across the globe & create one community that gives back through action. Their cause is underprivileged youth. They believe that no child should have to suffer wondering where they will sleep, when they will eat their next meal, or wonder if they will be sold into trafficking. It is their calling to make a difference for as many kids as possible. They do this by raising awareness for youth issues locally in the U.S. and globally by hosting charity events.

AF: How did you get involved with the one love movement?

DP: I got involved because of Kim Bauman, the creator of the one love movement. I was impressed with her authenticity. She is based in San Diego and that is where it began and in 2011 she added One Love India.

Kim’s leadership training with Off the Mat Into the World and her passion for wanting to make a difference also impressed me. She has made many service trips to Haiti, Thailand, and Cambodia. I loved that on these trips she worked with a huge spectrum of under-served youth and had the opportunity to spend time in orphanages connecting with kids. I knew I wanted to work with Kim and support the one love movement.

AF: How did you get One Love to happen in San Francisco?

DP: I love the idea of community, entertainment and giving back at the same time. I wanted to spread this to the Bay Area. I asked Kim what she thought about bringing a One Love event into San Francisco. She loved it!

It wasn't much later that Lululemon came on board as did Martin Scott of Union Yoga, Jacqui Rowley and Susannah Freedman. From this collaboration, we have created this special event. It is important to all of us to bring the community together while supporting a great cause.

AF: What makes this event different from other charity events?

DP: This is an event that supports a local program. We are giving back directly to Larkin Street Youth Center which is right here in San Francisco.

AF: How did you choose Larkin Street Youth Center?

DP: I did a lot of research and was impressed with their model and the fact they focus on youth. They even have a mindfulness program that incorporates yoga. Helping youth is something near and dear to my heart. There was one point in my life when I was scrambling for rent money and a friend brought me groceries. When he gave them to me, he said 'Don't pay me back, do this for someone else.’ I am so grateful that I am now at a place in my life where I can give back!

AF: What would you tell people who are on the fence about coming to this event?

DP: I think that sometimes ‘Seva' can feel daunting to people. I believe this is a great opportunity for people to put their yoga into action. Someone could skip Starbucks for a few days and it would pay for this event.

AF: What does being a Spiritual Gangster mean to you?

DP: ‘Staying true to myself, being able to inspire from my story and not re-live it. My version of spirituality may be a little different from everyone else's, but keeping it real is part of it for me.’

AF: What other teachers inspire you?

DP: Les Leventhal and Darren Main are two of the teachers that inspire me. They have both come through adversity and they have found their backbone through yoga. They are such powerful examples of how they have transcended their stories, healed and moved on to inspire others.

AF: In this spirit - What can we do to make yoga available to ALL people?

DP: By keeping it real! When we put ourselves on a platform, it's easy for us to fall off. When we do, those beneath us fall off as well.

AF: Any last words Danni?

DP: At the end of the day, the only way be bring ourselves up is to bring others up. Especially the kids!  Come and join us June 18th.

The One Love San Francisco charity event will be happening on Saturday June 18th, 2016 at Yoga Tree Castro from 1:30-3:30. Click here to learn more about One Love San Francisco and to purchase your ticket!  #theonelovemovement @theonelovemovement

EVENT SPONSORS + PARTNERS include Lululemon, Move With, Yoga Tree SF, Union Yoga, Urban Remedy, Health Warrior, Om Power, Tribe Tats.

To learn more about Danni, visit his website or follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To learn more about the author Autumn you can visit her website.

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