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Wanderlust Squaw Valley Is Happening July 20 - 23!


So excited to tell you that Wanderlust is returning to Squaw Valley, CA for an unforgettable, four-day retreat. Located at the beautiful Squaw Valley resort Wanderlust gathers a unique combination of yoga, music, speakers and outdoor adventure to create the ultimate restorative getaway.

"Run, Bend, Sit" With Wanderlust 108

By SF Yoga Mag

The Wanderlust 108, is a mindful triathlon where, instead of running, biking and swimming, participants can do a 5K fun run (or walk!), take an energetic yoga class, and meditate with top national instructors. Put simply it’s a #5KYogaMeditation. Amazing DJ’s will spin tunes to provide the soundtrack to the day’s events.

Brian Crawford On Life And Photography

By Kelly Finnegan

One of my most challenging locations was in Malaysia, last summer. It rained almost every day and despite the torrential downpour, I went ahead and worked with my clients, who had booked sessions during the days of the storm. It definitely was hard to keep my gear dry, but there was a unique quality to shooting in the rain that you just can't achieve on a sunny day...

The Prison Yoga Project In Uganda

By Leyla Ahmet

Unresolved trauma stays locked in the body. The body holds onto painful memories that are not dealt with and we can hold stress in our bodies as well. Many even hold armor around the heart to protect it from loss and hurt. This is where the power of yoga can help us heal, the magic gets to happen. As we stretch and strengthen the body, we begin to create space for movement, space for letting go and space for change...