Brian Crawford On Life And Photography

Brian Crawford On Life And Photography

By Kelly Finnegan

Images of yogis contorted into awe inspiring poses with idyllic backgrounds is no longer reserved for the cover of prestigious yoga magazines. Now with social media, there is a surge of beautiful yoga photography sweeping every browser and platform you interact with daily. Many times we study the yogi in the photo, we follow them and even try to replicate some of the poses or images they have created. Ever wonder who is the creative behind the lens? Who has managed to encapsulate the sensation evoked from nature and movement? We at SF Yoga Mag do! We have decided to go behind the lens and interview the very talented Brian Crawford, a photographer specializing in capturing the spirit of human experience.

KF: Have you found that your personal yoga practice and photography intersect? In which way do they influence each other?

BC: Yes. A lot of my photos are taken in beautiful locations around the world. When I practice yoga, I sometimes find myself hiking to a secluded location, much like the scenes of some of my photos. I try to find a peaceful and beautiful place to practice and meditate. I’m a firm believer that your surroundings have a huge impact on your emotional well being.

KF: What has been one of the most challenging locations you have shot in and why?

BC: One of my most challenging locations was in Malaysia, last summer. It rained almost every day and despite the torrential downpour, I went ahead and worked with my clients, who had booked sessions during the days of the storm. It definitely was hard to keep my gear dry, but there was a unique quality to shooting in the rain that you just can't achieve on a sunny day.

KF: You courageously shared on Facebook your trials and triumphs with battling depression. Any advice to share with those who are currently going through the same challenges?

BC: Depression is much like a storm. You must wait it out until the clouds break and the light comes through again. When I got back to Southern California after touring around Australia a couple of months ago, I fell into a very dark space. I really went deep into this darkness, letting myself slip further than I ever have before.

A few things that I tried doing which helped combat depression were:

  • Not eating crappy processed foods
  • Getting out into nature by myself for a walk
  • Getting out to the gym, even if for just a few minutes, to lift some weights
  • Reaching out to friends letting them know how I felt. I empathize dearly with anybody struggling with this disease. It's a tricky and tough opponent.

KF: Your video with JP Sears was hysterical to say the least and we could all self identify with that yogi looking for the perfect "insta-shot" what motivated you to team up with JP to do this video?

BC: One of my goals this year was to try and broaden my reach, and share all the benefits that yoga can provide with other communities. I suggested to JP that we do this video, considering the fact that JP Sears is not only hysterical, but also has a great following. Producing the video would in turn provide me with a great platform to share what I love doing, which is taking yoga photos. We all have to poke some fun at ourselves sometimes! Click here to see the video with JP Sears.

To learn more about Brian Crawford, you can visit his website, or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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