New Online Women’s Conference Connects Sex, God, And Yoga

New Online Women’s Conference Connects Sex, God, And Yoga

By Rachel Nichols

It’s time to open up some doors that are typically kept shut in mainstream yoga culture. What doors are those? The ones that link together sexuality, spirituality and the Divine, and you can join in on the conversation at the upcoming Sex, God & Yoga online forum on July 18-22.

When asked what each of these topics—Sex, God & Yoga— represent in the context of the event, conference organizer Jessica Durivage said, “It's a little easier to talk about why these three words go together.” Durivage is the founder of Where is my Guru (WIMG), a virtual learning center that offers online programs and courses in personal and spiritual development.

“The question we have been asking ourselves as women, as yoginis, as students of the Divine is: Is our sexuality, our spirituality and our Divinity intricately linked to our purpose on the planet and to our unfolding and awakening? The answer is YES,” Durivage said. “This conference addresses all of the ways they are linked and connected by opening up the conversation with women who have been studying this connection in depth for decades. There will also be new voices who are dedicated to making space for this conversation in their yoga studios, in their private practices and in their lives.”

The Sex, God & Yoga conference was inspired by WIMG faculty Katie Silcox. Exploring modalities for connection, love and freeing oneself is her passion and at the heart of what she teaches. Silcox brought the concept to Durivage and together they constructed the very first online women’s conference that ties together the three powerful and potent threads of Sex, God & Yoga, which will feature more than 35 of the world's leading female luminaries.

"I am most excited about these very learned and practiced women coming together to speak on the very real and important issues in the realm of feminine spirituality,” Silcox said. “This group, mostly without knowing each other, are passionately and tenderly speaking very similar truths. We have been challenging very similar patriarchal modes of approach quietly within our practices and studios. But now we are saying it out loud. It is as if through this collective group that we have gathered, a bigger voice is speaking. This is the voice of the Divine Feminine's inevitable and unstoppable return. Jess and I are just Her helpmates."

Following Your Gut & Shining a Light on Important Topics
Durivage said that they received quite a bit of resistance and kickback to the name when it was first released, which they viewed as confirmation that they were on the right track. The resistance came in the form of early conversations around retaining sponsorship for the conference.

“A few ‘bigger name’ companies were apprehensive to jump on board with this being the first year and the fact that we have the word ‘SEX’ and ‘GOD’ in the title,” Durivage said. They also had some of the presenters initially question the word “GOD” in the title since this is a conference for women and GOD is typically considered the masculine word for the Divine. “When you are doing something new, you will always be met with resistance. It's been a good practice for us to follow our gut,” Durivage said.

What To Expect
The materials for each day will be released every morning, and there will be several “extras” for participants in the conference, including:

  • A PDF workbook to guide participants through the sessions
  • A reading list with recommended books shared by all of the presenters
  • LIVE panels, meditations and talks sprinkled throughout the week.

“The topics discussed are not new,” Durivage said. “They are ancient actually and there are absolutely amazing women all over the world who have dedicated their lives to expanding the conversation around each of these threads.” Conference threads include:

  • Yoga and psychology, mythology and feminism
  • The fall of matriarchal culture, the rise of patriarchy and the shift to bring back balance that is happening all over the planet
  • Your sensuality, sexuality and self-esteem and their role in your spiritual awakening
  • Creativity as a ritual and a portal to Divinity
  • Emotions as portals to God(dess)
  • What it means to simultaneously be a yogini and a modern woman
  • How to rise without losing your sacred ground
  • The power of women lifting up other women (and why this creates bigger abundance/manifestation)
  • Yogini and shamanism – the intersection
  • Physical and meditative techniques that build conscious sexual experiences
  • Shakti, kundalini, prana and other yogini words demystified (and remystified!)
  • Unravel the cultural lie that values women’s youth and devalues aging

Why You Should Sign Up
In one sentence: Sex, God & Yoga are intricately linked with one another and inherently necessary to address and embrace if one desires to live an awakened life. So, who should attend? Any woman who feels there is more to their sexuality, their divinity and their spiritual practice.

Top three reasons to join the conversation: 1. There will be enough content for an entire year of study. 2. Be a part of the movement. 3. Delve into topics that are vitally important for women: community, intuition, sexuality, self-care, aging, womb-wisdom and a grounded spirituality that embraces the sacredness of the female body and our earth

What you will takeaway: A deeper understanding of themselves as women, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, practitioner, teachers, leaders and sexual creatures, Durivage said. Her hope is that each interview and every practice offers a reflection to create a more compassionately expansive view of the important role we play in our lives and on this planet.

Click here for more information on Sex, God & Yoga or to register!

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