Bay Area Studio Highlight: Anchor Meditation.

Bay Area Studio Highlight: Anchor Meditation.

Studio name: Anchor Meditation.

Owner: Kelly Ryan.

Location/neighborhood: 2118 Union Street, The Marina/ Cow Hollow District of SF.

Parking/closest public transportation: Metered 2 hour Parking (415-409-6987), Union Street Plaza Garage (2001 Union st. #7 + 415-567-7357) and Union Laguna Garage lot #7 (1900 Union St. + 415-227-0114).

What was the inspiration behind the studio? After experiencing the profound impact meditation had on her health and improved state of being, Kelly Ryan founded Anchor Meditation with the intent of sharing the benefits of meditation with others. Living in San Francisco and juggling a demanding corporate position and being a wife and mother of two, Kelly was craving space to breathe. After Kelly attended a life-changing wellness retreat, she felt the need to make meditation simple and more accessible to all, knowing that we can all benefit from a pause from our fast-paced lives. Her hope is that Anchor provides a place to slow down, reconnect, and anchor in the present moment as opposed to the past or future.

Do you have a mission at your studio?

Live from the heart

Create a sacred, safe space

Be a human being, Not a human doing

Choose to see the beauty in all

Anchor to the present moment

Accept what life is showing you

We are not you guru, we are your you-ru

What style of yoga classes are taught at your studio? We are a Meditation Studio. We offer a variety of courses designed for those new as well as more experienced to the world of meditation. All sessions are designed to deepen your connection with yourself and to focus on what’s happening at this exact moment. With classes designed for the hyper over-scheduled, we offer daily 30-45 minute classes.

Do you have Kirtan at your studio? No.

Do you have a teacher training program at your studio? Yes. Our students come to us from all walks of life. Some are parents, teachers, corporate executives, health care workers, social workers and even students. And while their lives may look drastically different, what each person has in common is that it seems all have been influenced by the practices of meditation and mindfulness, and as a result, they desire to learn more about how to share the science, philosophy and practice of meditation in their homes and in their work...they just don't know how. Through our programs, we strive to provide all of our students with a depth of knowledge and the ability to weave and integrate it into what they already know. As we do this, knowledge quickly becomes wisdom, and everyone soon realizes the value in what they have navigated and learned in their lives so far. This becomes the platform for relating to others and supporting them on their own path of health and healing. Each of our training programs is a blend of science, philosophy and practicality. We feel great importance in creating a safe space for all of our students to learn and grow, and focus on building a supportive and nurturing community that continues to nourish our teachers long after they have completed their training.

Do you offer special events or workshops? We offer a number of different workshops, from Sound Baths, to Social Clubs. We invite teachers from around the area and around the world to host special happenings and events. Please check out our schedule for upcoming events.

What kind of students would resonate with your studio? We welcome all kinds of students at Anchor Meditation


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